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This game was built as part of Becker's 24-hour game jam. Everything was built in one day.

"Like a Sir" is a competitive twin-stick shooter. Thus, it needs two controllers. The mapping expects x360 controllers, but you should be able to use others.

Our categories were Censorship, Elastic and Invisible.

The game is about two gentlemen flinging insults at eachother. The hook is that they can change modes from BULLY to CENSOR (B Button)!

When you're a bully guy, you shoot (right trigger) expletives. When you're a censor, you shoot censors.

Censor bullets (blue) cancel out expletive bullets (white). Bullets of the same type as you can't hurt you.

You have a censor shield too! (Left Trigger) If you use it to block bullets of the opposite type, your Bully Bar fills up. When it does, new powers appear on your side of the battlefield. If you accidentally catch bullets of your same type, the shield breaks.

Lastly, you're bound to the back wall by a mystic rubber band to prevent you from entering your opponent's zone. As is tradition in this most gentlemanly of sports.


Like A Sir.rar 17 MB