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I was able to play with it a little bit but I'm hitting some technical issues now. The camera reset seemed to be moving my head a bit odd. Resetting with my position far to the left and up of the default, caused my head to clip out of the room. Unfortunately, I'm only able to start up to a black screen now. Wish I could poke around more, the virtual desktop idea seems pretty cool.

I'll back you up on not wanting to use the 'r' key thou. From my personal set up, I assume most people are resetting so they are far away from the keyboard to avoid interference with their monitors and the leap. A larger or more obvious key is a bit easier to hunt down.


Thanks for the info. The black screen is because it can't find the tracker. It's to prevent the jitter associated with tracking problems from making people sick. Heaven knows I've had my fair share of headaches thanks to it. The reset function assumes the positional tracker can see the rift. In the future it will handle tracking loss by switching to AR instead, but that didn't make it in time.

In my personal setup I use a IR-black cloth stuffed under the tracker to block out my monitor, and I've got more of it draped on the walls to block those out. I'll add this as a suggestion in the readme and download info. In future versions you'll be able to customize things more like where the tracker is, to avoid problems like this.

One note for future iterations, not all keyboards have a Pause key, so [R] is usually a pretty good option to use for camera reset

I didn't know that - thanks for the tip. I specifically chose not to use 'R', since that is a key that you'll use frequently while typing, and a major feature of this is the text editor. Perhaps I could use a combination instead like Ctrl+Alt+R or something.